Wallpaper textures

Modern photo wallpapers have changed a lot in terms of their properties and picture quality in comparison with customary samples of this kind of products. Our company produces next generation photo wallpapers using high quality Polish materials, whose leadership is determined by not only the diversity of their textures and advanced color rendering, but also their wide roll cut which ensures minimum number of joints or even no joints at all.

Special texturized bases manufactured in Poland, with vinyl coating on fleece base, are perfect for designing and decoration work.

Material specifications

  • diversity of textures
  • excellent color rendering
  • high density: 270 g/m²
  • ability to hide wall unevenness (the thickness of the base is 300 µm)
  • fade and ultraviolet resistance
  • resistance to moisture and cleaning agents
  • high mechanical strength
  • roll cut (max width of each sheet is 1,00 m)

Vinyl on a non-woven base. Production Poland

Sand texture

Plaster texture

Canvas texture

Basalt texture

Painting texture

Texture “Venetian plaster”

Texture “Provence”

Shagreen texture